Sea Turtles of the World
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The whimsical tale of Shelly the Sea Turtle as she bands together with her buddies of the sea in an effort to save her baby turtles from the dangers of the modern world.

A story by Matt Wittenberg for young readers. This original fun and educational story features 24 pages of beautiful full color original illustrations.


Sea Turtles Up Close takes you on an amazing journey into the fascinating world of the sea turtle.
Brilliantly transforming from surface to sea creature over the course of 235 million years, these animals have a mystique and magnetism like none other.From their ability to migrate thousands of miles, to their unique anatomy, they are nothing short of sensational.

Through Jim Abernethy's captivating photographs and Jennifer Nolan's inspirational writing, readers will deepen their appreciation for the seven sea turtle species, better understand the important role they play in our coastal ecosystem, and realize the choice is clear we must protect these amazing creatures while we still can.


By Sue Carstairs

Youngsters learn all there is to know about saving Turtles.
Easy to read with incredible photography.
A behind-the-scenes look at a hospital for severely injured turtles.


Swim alongside a sperm whale, leap up with a bottlenose dolphin, and escape from a great white shark in this interactive book for kids.
Close-up photography, fact files, maps, lift-up flaps and slide-out pages.
Incredible life like graphics.
A must have for kids


For Young Readers or Adults. Hiaasen has a way of writing his pro-environment novel for young readers and
adults in a very entertaining and creative manner.


A Complete Guide to their Biology, Behavior & Conservation The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore
Combining riveting prose, up-to-the-minute science, and beautiful photography, Sea Turtles is an
indispensable guide to these truly remarkable animals.


Written by Mary Jo Rhodes and David Hall
Photographs by David Hall
What animal lives in the sea,
and lays eggs on land?
Dramatic underwater images that bring you
face to face with remarkable creatures.


Written by Nicola Davies / Illustrated by Jane Chapman
Simple, lyrical words and bright, acrylic double-page pictures
convey the astonishing facts about the loggerhead sea turtle.
This tells a powerful nature story.
An International Reading Association Teachers’ Choice.


Written by Stephanie Lisa Rata / Illustrated by Lee Edward Fodi
On a moonlit beach, a baby green sea turtle
slowly taps and cracks to embark upon a
mysterious, nighttime journey.
Gentle, tender verse and enchanting illustrations
carry this tale from sand to sea.


An easy to follow guide of Sea Turtle Nesting.
Learn how and where Sea Turtles nest and how to determine the kind of Sea Turtles by the tracks they leave.


Written by Elle J. McGuinness / Illustrated by Romi Caron
Baby Turtle pokes his head out of his shell and – surprise!
He is a day late.
Here is a story of one tiny turtle on a very big journey.
Full AniMotion windows bring the action to life.